NetOil and Gas Holdings SA is the holding entity of the Group’s energy sector investment. The Company’s agenda is geared towards downstream activities, strategically placed to provide offshore services in the Mediterranean, West Coast of Africa, Black Sea, Gulf of Mexico and South America.

The company’s current activities are centered around the Gulf of Mexico to provide initially two (2) Super M2 F&G Jack-up Oil Rigs. The holding company is set-up with two wholly owned subsidiaries namely Maestro SA and Zefyros SA. Each SPC will own one of the proposed new built rigs.

The Group holds an option for additional two (2) Super M2 F&G Jack-up Oil Rigs.

Further activities of the Group are planned in the OSV Sector again in the Gulf of Mexico and West Coast of Africa to provide support in the robust oil exploration activity through new multi functional modern OSV’s designed to:

-Transport supplies of offshore exploration and production units
- Support drilling activities
- Emergency response
- Field construction
-Well simulation /Intervention