F&G Super M2 Jack up Oil Rig

The Super M2 Self-Elevating Drilling Vessel consists of a modified triangular hull with three (3) triangular truss work legs each fitted with spud cans at their lower ends. The modified triangular hull is 59.745 m long, 55.78 m wide, and 7.62 m deep at the side. The three (3) legs are spaced with the forward leg on the centreline of the vessel and the two after legs 35.05 m aft and 18.29 m outboard of the centreline of the forward leg. The spud cans which form the lower segments of each leg are 12.09 m in diameter and 4.57 m high.

The quarters house is constructed above the main deck and around the bow leg and consists of a four (4) story building for a 110 man crew. The heliport is mounted forward of the quarters house. The support house on top of the quarters, houses the emergency generator room, radio room, and the jacking control room.

The drill floor is located on the substructure above the cantilever. The cantilever is capable of being skidded fore and aft, and the drill floor can be skidded port and starboard of the vessel centreline. This rig is rated for a 9,144 m drilling depth.